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best tape in hair extensions for black hair private label

Daily Care for Tape in Hair Extensions


1. Avoid hair products that contain silicone

This is especially important for shampoo and conditioner. Here’s a quick explanation of why silicones aren’t great for your hair: silicones cover your hair with a thin waterproof coating which makes your hair feel slippery and helps it detangle. However, silicone products are difficult to wash out completely, can make your hair more difficult to bond to extensions, and can leave your hair feeling heavy and greasy.


2. Don’t use oil based products near your roots

Hair oils and leave-in conditioners close to your roots will start to break down the tape holding your extensions in. This is why it’s so super important to keep oily products at your ear level and lower. By doing this, you’ll also be able to go a bit longer between washes. During removal, it’s ok to reach for an oil-based solvent because it’s great for breaking the tape down.


3. Don’t wash your hair until 48 hours after your installation appointment

The tape used to hold your extensions in needs time to cure fully so that the tape will hold as long as possible.


4. Don’t over wash your hair

AKA – Dry shampoo is your new best friend. Overwashing strips your hair of the natural oils your scalp produces. It also can loosen the tape because you’re massaging and scrubbing close to the tape bonds.


5. Don’t over brush your hair

This can loosen the tape’s hold on your hair and work the extensions out way before they’re meant to start falling out.


6. Sleep with your hair in a ponytail or braid

This works as a protective style. Sleeping with your hair up stops your hair from getting frizzy and helps prevent split ends. This is because your hair and extensions aren’t getting tangled and breaking due to the friction of moving your head against your pillow case. It also prevents unnecessary stress on your natural hair from the extensions moving as you sleep.


7. Never sleep with wet extensions

Sleeping with wet or damp hair can damage both your hair and the extension bond. Your hair and the tape adhesive can be especially fragile when they’re wet, so make sure to let your hair dry completely before hitting the hay.


8. Do NOT use a flat iron directly on the tape tabs

This will weaken the tape bonds, melt the tape, damage your hair, and lessen the wear time of your extensions. Seriously, don’t do it.


9. Wait until your hair is 80%-90% dry before using any heat

Let your hair dry naturally for a little bit, then finish drying with a blow dryer. This prevents heat damage and makes sure your extension tape has time to “rebond” with your hair before you start styling it.


10. Shampoo at your roots, then condition from the mid-lengths down

This simple switch in your hair washing routine can make a world of difference. By shampooing only at the roots, your hair will be less weighed down and won’t get greasy as fast. However, your hair still needs moisture. To get rid of static and help keep your hair soft, condition your hair from your ears/jawline to the ends of your hair.

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