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Millennials and Gen Zers Are Bringing "Gemini Hair" into 2023


In 2023, you can go subtle with your hair color (a la the Winter Gold shade that’s trending now) or you can opt for something that’s a bit more, shall we say, head-turning. If you’re looking for the latter, you may want to consider Gemini Hair, which Pinterest says is the rising hair color for the year ahead.

Just as our Gemini friends are known for their duality, Gemini Hair celebrates that notion by mixing two tones that are often in direct contrast with each other for maximum effect

Regardless of whether the air sign is in your birth chart, you can channel their playful spirit with a custom color that’s completely your own. According to a press release from Pinterest, "In 2023, two-toned tresses will take off more than ever. Gen Z and millennials are behind this rising trend in hair color that mixes natural hues with bright blues, purples, and pinks."

To that end, some of the most popular color combinations we’ll be seeing include blue and black, lavender and blonde, pink and lavender, and brown and pink. No matter the hue, the key to nailing this rising trend is to keep the overall look grounded in a natural base color (which also makes the brighter color pop).

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