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Genius Weft Extensions


Genius Weft is the thinnest,flattest weft in the market now.


What is Genius Weft?


Genius Weft combines all the advantages of Machine Weft, Flat Silk Weft, Hand-tied Weft. It's the thinnest, flattest, and most lightweight weft.


The Advantage of Genius Weft?


1)Soft and Smooth: It is made with 100% real human hair,the highest quality hand selected remy human hair. 

2)Last over 12-Month with proper care.

3)Can Be Cut safely, 

4)No Return Hair,more comfortable to wear. 

5)Extremely thin,more comfortable and invisible.

The difference Between Genius Weft and Machine wefts?

Genius Weft is thinner and more invisible. Genius weft also without return hair, which avoids tangles and makes it more comfortable for the wearer. 

The difference Between Genius Weft and Hand Tied wefts?

Genius wefts are created with high precision. It can be cut anywhere and the hair can be completely retained. Each weft is very strong and prevents shedding.

The difference Between Genius Weft and Flat wefts?

The root of genius weft will be smaller in size and more invisible when used.

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