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How to Fix Dry and Frizzy Hair Extensions

How to Fix Dry and Frizzy Hair Extensions


Hair extensions are a significant investment; we all know they can be quite pricey. That is why you would probably feel like grabbing your remaining hair and pulling them out in frustration when you see that your beautiful and expensive hair extensions have gone dry and frizzy. 

How to fix dry and frizzy hair extensions is a subject that has been widely researched online, as a lot of people face this problem. And why not? After all, your hair extensions are literally your hard-earned hair. 

So if you are perturbed by your brittle strands and are trying to figure out ways how to fix dry and frizzy hair extensions, don't panic just yet! 

Why Did Your Hair Extensions Go Dry & Frizzy?

First things first - why did your hair extensions go all brittle and crisp, and how did the need arise for you to find a way to fix dry and frizzy hair extensions? 

In an ideal world, our hair extensions will always remain soft and naturally fluffy. Sadly, that is not the case.

You see, our scalp is super smart and tends to produce a natural oil called sebum that helps keep your natural locks attached to your scalp lovely and luscious. This oil is what keeps your hair feeling soft and silky. Because hair extensions are not attached to your scalp and do not receive the oily goodness of sebum, they tend to become dry and frizzy over time. This leads to a need to find out how to fix dry and frizzy extensions. 

What are the Top Causes of Dry & Frizzy Hair Extensions?

Before we go about trying to figure out how to fix dry and frizzy hair extensions, it would be beneficial to know the top reasons that wilt and dry out your hair extensions in the first place. 

Using high-heat tools: Just like your natural hair, your hair extensions are not a fan of high-heat styling tools. Items like straighteners, blow dryers, and hair curlers can dry out your extensions fairly quickly. 

Exposure to the sun: We all know the importance of using an appropriate amount of sunscreen on our skin during the hot summer days. But we overlook the fact that our hair is just as vulnerable to the sun. So, sun? Not a friend of your hair extensions. 

Over-styling: A lot of people like to change the color of their hair every so often. Hair extensions are a simple way to do that, but that means you also risk making your hair extensions super dry and frizzy, thanks to the harmful chemicals in hair dyeing products. Over-styling is one big reason why you will be rushing to find out how to fix dry and frizzy hair extensions.

Hard water: Hard water is high in strong mineral content and can cause your natural locks, as well as your hair extensions, to dry out super quickly. 

Chlorine: This one's for swimming pool lovers. Chlorine chemicals are incredibly harmful and can not only dry out your hair extensions but strip them of their color. 


How to Fix Dry and Frizzy Hair Extensions - Best Tactics

No matter how good your extensions are, there will always be a day when you find them all frizzy and dry. Luckily, there are a few effortless methods to fix dry and frizzy hair extensions and live happily ever after! 

Use Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Most shampoo companies use sulfate in their product to create that lovely lather that appears while cleaning your hair. While it does efficiently tidy up your locks, sulfates are super strong chemicals that can cause your hair extension to dry out. 

Use quality hair products to fix dry and frizzy hair extensions. Avoid washing your hair extensions every day, and try to use dry shampoo more often. Look for shampoos with a high glycerin content that can penetrate the hair strands and ensure complete hydration for your extensions. 

Use a Deep Conditioner

One of the reasons you might be researching how to fix dry and frizzy hair extensions is that you are not conditioning your extensions. 

Always make sure to use a conditioner on your extensions while washing them to ensure that each strand has soaked in the required amount of moisture. Deep conditioning your hair once every week can help restore any moisture lost due to over-styling or excessive heating products.

Make sure to use the conditioner only from the end to the middle of your strands. Otherwise, your extensions stand a chance of becoming slippery and falling off. 

Use Nourishing Hair Oils

Using nourishing hair oils on your extension strands is a highly effective way to fix dry and frizzy hair extensions.

Hair oils have slowly grown in popularity and are a must-have for your hair-care routine. Nourishing hair oils have the ability to protect your extensions from frizz and dryness. They keep hair strands on your extensions looking soft and glossy and enable them to remain tangle-free.

You can try using Moroccan oils or other natural oils such as avocado or jojoba oils. 

Use two to three drops of oil each time. Apply to the ends of the strands and go until the mid-shaft of the extensions. Avoid the base of your hair extensions to prevent them from becoming slippery. 

Use Heat Protectant While Styling

Straighteners and curling irons have become go-to's for creating extravagant hairstyles and salon looks. However, using these tools excessively can cause extreme damage to your hair extensions unless you take the proper precautions. 

Using a heat protectant like Bond Protect "I look incredible" before using any high-heat tools on your extensions can help create a protective barrier.

Store Your Extensions Carefully

A lack of care is among the biggest reasons for dry and damaged hair extensions. Dumping your extensions at the bottom of your drawer or travel suitcase leads to knots and tangles that cannot be sorted out. 

Storing your hair extensions carefully in a box can help you brush them more gently, preventing breakage, tangles, and damage. Make sure to use a wide-toothed comb for brushing out your hair extensions whenever you take them out of storage. 

How to Maintain Your Hair Extensions


Hair extensions help in adding a lot more texture, volume, and color to your hair, giving you a gorgeous mane of long locks. Caring for your hair extensions is an excellent way to get maximum value out of them. 

Now that we know how to fix dry and frizzy hair extensions, let's see how we can maintain them. 

· Schedule a weekly conditioning appointment with qualified hair specialists. 

· Never sleep with wet extensions attached to your hair. 

· Always take great care while brushing out your extensions. 

· Use a silk hair cap or scarf on your head while sleeping to avoid tangling. 

· Minimize heat damage to your extensions by keeping the heat low on your styling gadgets and taking breaks from them. 

· Don't use too many products on your hair extensions. Follow a simple hair care routine using quality products for cleaning. 

· Replace your hair extensions regularly to help maintain the look of your long and luscious mane. 

· Treat your hair extensions like your natural hair. 


Nothing compares to that first look of your hair with extensions. Swinging your locks back and forth after having your extensions fitted is a surreal feeling. But without proper care and maintenance, hair extensions might lose their luster.

Getting hair extensions installed by a professional followed by optimal maintenance jots the roadmap for gorgeous and natural looking extensions.


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