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24inch cuticle remy hair factory

Differences between Full Cuticle VS Non-Remy Hair


As a stylist, the extension quality you use will play a significant factor in your client's satisfaction. Utilizing high-quality extensions mean increased longevity, versatility, comfort, and aesthetics. While using lesser quality can lead to decreased looks, longevity, and unhappy clients! This is why it is incredibly important to learn the difference between quality extensions and not. 


Today we will be discussing the difference between the full cuticle and Non-Remy hair. 

Cuticle Hair: Finest of Finest in Hair Extensions

Full Cuticle:

• Cuticles are intact 

• Cuticles are aligned in one direction and good condition. 

• Hair is sourced from a single donor 

• Lasts up to two years 


Non-Remy/Cuticle Hair 

• Cuticles are not intact 

• Hair is sourced from multiple donors 

• Hair has been chemically processed 

• Hair is usually dipped in silicone 

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